Feature Request: Ability to associate a browser with a URL

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Although I prefer to have Safari as my default browser, I occasionally run into websites which don't play well with Safari.

What I'd like is the ability to override the default browser for specific URLs - say to use Firefox or Chrome.

-- Thanks, Verne

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  • XIII
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    Did you try Choosy?

  • Hi @varase

    1Password respects whatever preference you have set for your default browser for URLs opened from within 1Password, however that does not prevent you from having the 1Password extension installed in multiple browsers and opening any websites with those. :)


    XIII's suggestion may also be helpful.


  • varase
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    Actually I have Bumpr installed which works if I remember to invoke it, but would just like to have the open and fill button "just work".

    Right now for those specific sites they open in Safari but don't work once I get into them, and have to close the Safari session and shift-click on the URL in 1password and pick a browser.

    I just thought it would be nice if you could associate a browser with a URL (but have it default to your default browser), though I suppose carrying it over to iOS and iPadOS would be a pain since the rendering engines in those would be different.

  • Ben
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    I see. Thanks for the suggestion. :) That isn't in the cards right at the moment, but perhaps something we can look into in the future. :+1: For now and at least the near term it seems Bumpr, Choosy, or similar would be the best solution.


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