Can a family member use a shared password and keep the password hidden?

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So if I share a password with family members, is it possible to share it with them so that they can use it, but not allow them to know what the actual password is? Basically where they have authorization to click on the site and click to auto-enter the password, but not enable them to know what the password is.

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  • ag_ana
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    Hi @jasonbsimpson! Welcome to the forum!

    I don't believe this is possible in 1Password Families, but it is possible in 1Password Business. 1Password Business allows you to configure many more permissions than Families accounts.

  • Just to confirm: Ana was correct. This is possible in 1Password Business, but not 1Password Families. You can read more about the different permission levels available here:

    Note that the 'View and Copy Passwords' permission is one that is only enforced by the 1Password apps, and not by encryption or the 1Password server. As such the following caveat applies:

    A team member who is determined can easily overcome client-enforced permissions on their own device, so they’re most valuable as simple safeguards for people you already trust. A team member has to act deliberately and intentionally to violate these restrictions. These permissions shouldn’t be relied on to prevent hostile behaviour or enforce trust.

    Simplicity is one of the goals with 1Password Families, and so it would be difficult to justify bringing more granular permissions to that service.


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