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I just registered with a new scim mail account but was a bit to fast.. Now the mail account exsists.. how could i ask for a resend of the mail with the code?

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  • Hi @Marcel439

    Am I correct in assuming you are referring to the Provision Manager user during the setup process? This would be on the page at

    If so, you have two options.

    1. Delete the non-confirmed Provision Manager user and restart the setup process. The process will prompt for an email again and this time you can receive the email and enter the confirmation code.
    2. Resend the confirmation email from Provision Manager's People page. Then manually accept the invite, create a password, and save the secret key. On the people page you will have to then manually confirm the user. Then go back to the setup process again and finish the process. When attempting to generate credentials, you will be prompted for the password you just created and the secret key you downloaded. Enter those and the process should complete successfully.

    I would recommend the first approach as it is much easier.

    Let me know what questions you have.


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