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Hello, I have used 1Password for years and recently moved to a family account.

Problem: We often have to fill out paper forms (school, doctors, etc). and I find myself having to go back and forth between the forms and 1password searches to get profile information (SSN, dates, student IDs, etc). Sometimes, having to re-login to 1password. Could 1password make this easier?

Suggestion: Can 1password have a feature, maybe a button/link for each family member, that queries profile information and presents in one screen. This way, I can scroll up/down quickly for the info that I need while I'm filling out the forms. When I'm done with the forms, I simply exit the app and it locks.


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  • Hi @asztalgj

    Thanks for taking the time to write in, and welcome to the 1Password Support Community. :) I think there are a few things that already exist that may make this easier:

    1. You can adjust how frequently 1Password locks: How to set 1Password to lock automatically. You may wish to increase this timer so that it isn't locking while you're still using the app.
    2. It may make sense to set up an Identity item for each family member, perhaps in the Shared vault, with this information. For any fields that are not part of the default Identity template, they can be added (Customize your 1Password items) or you can link to other items (e.g. Social Security or Student ID card: Link related items in 1Password)

    Does that help? Please let me know.


  • asztalgj
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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for responding.

    1 worked well. After reading the "Link related items in 1Password" above, I could only find the Link Existing function in the MacOS app, not my iPhone app or PC app. However, after linking in my MacOS app, I found the linked info in my iPhone app which is what I usually use when filling out forms. Did not find the links in the PC app.

    Anyway, it's a big help, thank you!


    PS. My dream is I'm at my docs office, or online at home and I just click a button in 1password and only the needed info get transferred wirelessly. No more forms! :-)

  • asztalgj
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    Yes, thank you.

  • ag_ana
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    On behalf of Ben, you are welcome @asztalgj. And thank you for letting us know @asztalgj, that's great to hear :) Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

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