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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I hope everyone reading this is having a fantastic week so far, let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to this week and talk about it! 🗣

1Password + 🔐💳

Yesterday we announced a brand new partnership with, and boy are we excited about it! 1Password X now lets you create virtual cards in your browser to make online payments more safely.

Our team was so excited to add these features to 1Password – we’re pretty sure it’s new territory for password managers across the board. This partnership means we can now do for your money what we’ve always done for your passwords. Namely: create unique information for every service you use to keep your most important data as safe as can be.

Andrew Beyer lays all the details down brick-by-brick over on our blog, and you can find all of the detailed changes to 1Password X right here.

1Password for Linux 🐧

In this weeks update, folks who use two-factor authentication will surely be relieved to know that after you have authenticated with 1Password once, your device will be persistently authorized and you will not need to enter your 2FA code again! 🥳

This is all thanks to the 2FA token now being stored in the system keychain. Most distributions come with this preinstalled and this will just work. If you encounter problems, please take a look at a we have that contains some fixes and workarounds that you may find handy.

Additionally, the team has also improved Watchtower this week. You will now get a more accurate count of weak and reused passwords!

Savanni keeps up their streak, and breaks down everything this update brings to the table right here.

1Password for Mac 🖥

In this weeks beta release, the new Safari experience once again detects and offers to save logins when you submit a form on most websites. The team has also implemented the standard bug fixes and improvements you’ve come to know and love.

You can find the rundown of all of the changes our team made this week, over on our update server!

1Password for Android 🤖

Housekeeping was in full swing this past week and this beta shows how well our team has tided things up!

We’ve fixed an issue where the lock screen appeared twice when returning from viewing an attachment, updated translations for several languages, and we even removed the going away banner from the 1Password Keyboard.

1Password for Windows 💻

I know a few folks have asked what the Windows Team has been up to the past few weeks, and just like the Android Team — The Windows Team has also been in housekeeping mode!

Over the past week, we’ve released two beta updates aimed at updating our 1Password brain library for improved filling and saving with the 1Password extensions, and even improving our sync resilience when dealing with conflict resolution and item usage reporting.

1Password Web App 🌐

Our Web App team continues to push the limits of how much they can do in a single week, and they’ve now pulled off the hat-trick and released a grand total of three updates just this past week! 🏅

This week we’ve improved keyboard accessibility for the navigation sidebar, as well banners and quests in the application sidebar, added some helpful context to a few standard error messages, changed the search icon on the vaults page so it’s now positioned correctly in Safari, and they’ve even added a warning message in some older browsers that will soon be unsupported. We go over all of the wonderful details here!

Bug Fix of the Week 🐞

This weeks award definitely goes out to our Mac Team for squashing a bug where the one-time password countdown in 1Password mini would stop counting entirely.

At first I thought maybe I had suddenly gained the power to stop time, but I think maybe I was reaching too far on that one. 😜

Random But Memorable 🎙

Three words: Safer. Online. Payments.

Bo Jiang of joins us to talk about our exciting new partnership that will let you create virtual payment cards in your browser and store them in 1Password.

Plus, your burning questions answered in this week’s #Ask1Password, and Roo pops in for Play Your Passwords Right: Star Wars edition. I have a bad feeling about this… ✨🚀

Here’s where you can listen to Random but Memorable:

That wraps everything up for this week, but you know you can catch us right back here again next Wednesday to bring you back into the loop of all things 1Password! 💙🔐

— Blake and the 1Password Team


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    Thanks for bringing this series to the community here, @Blake! I'm super excited to try out the integration (and listen to the podcast, of course) this weekend. :sunglasses:

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