No 1password icon in login field and no pop up of login ids


Why do you sometimes have to click in a login field (ie user id or email address) to get the 1password icon to show in the field and the valid login id options to appear? I tried to login to 18 random sites. On 10 sites, the the 1password Icon does automatically show in the login field with a automatic pop up box of valid login ids. Sites can be well known such as nytimes, spotify, survey monkey. But also lesser known sites like, eddie bauder, container store.

But the 1password icon and login ids do not appear on the 8 others. Instead you need to put your cursor in the field first for the 1password icon and login id options to appear.

It looks like this on initial display when first entering the sit. No 1Password Icon.

Display of the 1Password Icon in the field as soon as you click on the field.

I just don't understand why it is so hit or miss.

1Password Version: 7.6
Extension Version: 1.22.1
OS Version: Mac OS 10.15.6
Sync Type: ?


  • gawgaw
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    merged my comments into original post after testing

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @gaw ,

    1Password X will show up automatically when a username or a password field is being focused on the page. Most websites who follow the standard will automatically focus the username/password field when you reach the login page (much like how Google focuses on the search bar automatically when you reach, but some websites don't. It's a matter of design choices that the developers of the website made (on purpose or by mistake, or even due to lack of knowledge).

    You can easily test this by trying to type something on your keyboard immediately when the page loads. If the input from your keyboard shows up in the field - the field is being focused. If nothing is being typed into the field, then the field is not focused and you're just sending keypresses to the page, not to a specific text field.

    That's why on some websites, you'll have to apply the focus manually with your mouse, which will then trigger 1Password's inline menu.
    I hope that clarifies the reason :)

  • Hi ag_yaron! Thanks for the explanation. It does make sense. I tried out what you said on those sites. And one cannot just start typing in those login fields.

    However, when I go to those same websites where the 1password icon and login ids do not appear (list above) using two of your competitors' product, their icons do appears in the login field. If a list of userids are available a list pops up; if there is only one userid, it is prepopulated.

    Could 1Password change their code to enable this feature like your competitors have? Seems like they are doing some checking for special fields and if found then kick in their normal password fill in code. Thoughts?

  • @ag_yaron any thoughts on my last post?

  • Hey @gaw. It's certainly something we can continue to evaluate and look to improve. I don't know the inner workings of how those other products work, of course, but we're always improving 1Password.

    if there is only one userid, it is prepopulated.

    This I can almost guarantee we won't implement. 1Password only fills information when you tell it to, as a conscious security decision. We have a blog post from a couple years ago about this topic, which may interest you. :smile:

  • @ag_michaelc I really would encourage AG to assign an analyst to compare the login and autofill address / cc feature of 1Password to your competitors (one that starts with a D and and another with an L) across a wide variety of websites and products. You have a great product, but the inconsistency of autofill for login, address and cc is really frustrating, especially if you take your competitors product for a test run and see that they can do. If they can, your talented team surely can. I think you would be shocked at what your analyst would uncover, and I suspect the capability would not be that hard to implement. Your product would be so much easier and pleasant to use as there would be so many fewer exceptions that a user needs to deal with and work around.

  • Hey @gaw. Thanks for the additional feedback. As I mentioned, we'll continue to evaluate and improve, and I appreciate your suggestion of doing a comparison like that. :smile:

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