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A question about re-assigning offboarded user accounts

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Hi there,

If I had a 1password team or business account, and one of the team members left the company, what available options do we have for re-assigning the user account.

Can we allocate the remaining credit on the account to another user? Or get a credit for the period unused? Is this policy defined somewhere?


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  • ag_anaag_ana
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @typerlc!

    When you remove a team member, a prorated credit will be applied to your account, so when you add a new user, you will already get a discount :+1:

  • typerlctyperlc
    Community Member

    Thanks for your reply @ag_ana.

    Would make it easier for us to have a single subscription cycle ... which is why I was wondering if I could just put another user on for the remaining period. Is there anything like that so that all users have the same subscription period?

  • ag_anaag_ana
    1Password Alumni


    I think all of this is managed automatically in the billing area, but I encourage you to reach out via email to our business team at [email protected] privately. If there is anything we can do here, they are the ones who can make things happen :)

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