why is 1password autofilling my website passwords when the 1password app is logged off

I started adding my various websites to the 1password vault (and as part of the process I have been changing the passwords on each site with the 1password random password generator and updating new passwords in 1password. Its working. When I open a site form the vault it will either completely open the website or the password will be blank but there is a 1 password icon in the blank password line which when clicked will autofill the password. That makes sense if Im logged into 1 password, but if 1password is logged off why would it be autofilling the passwords on websites. Maybe I misunderstand how this works, but the whole idea is that the passwords are in the vault and unless Im logged in to 1password it should not be autofilling. where is the security in that?

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    Hey @ljstern92. Welcome to the forum. :smile: Could you clarify for me the exact steps you are taking? You mentioned you're opening sites from one of your vaults, so that sounds like 1Password is unlocked at that point in time. I'd appreciate any clarification.

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