Issues filling with certain apps

Android 11, 1Pw 7.7:

State Farm app doesn't prompt for logins when focusing in either login field.

There are others but this one is top of mind right now.


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    Hey @EnerJi, thanks for reporting this!

    When you use 1Password to fill into an app, 1Password will create a link to the app in the Login to connect the two. However, it sounds like the problem here is that the Autofill prompt isn't appearing in the first place?

    Can you try long pressing in the login fields in these apps and tapping Autofill from the context menu that pops up?

  • Correct, the auto fill prompt does not display at all. Long pressing on either field, then tapping the three dots on the menu that appears, then tapping Autofill, appears to have no effect at all.

  • Here's another one: The [Aetna Health] ( app also doesn't prompt to fill, but only when focusing on the username field. Focusing on the password field prompts to fill, but 1Password fills only the password.

    Especially annoying on this one because the username is also random and not something I remember and can enter manually.

    Also, long pressing on either login field doesn't give me an Autofill option. The only option I see is "Paste" when long pressing.


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    Hey @EnerJi, thanks for providing such details!

    Could you try turning on only Autofill and only Accessibility and see if that works for either app? This will help us narrow down the issue.

  • @ag_audrey

    With only Autofill enabled in the 1Pw app:
    State Farm app: no prompts to fill on either login field
    Aetna Health app: once again only prompts to fill in the password field, and when I request 1Pw to go ahead and fill, only the password is filled.

    With Autofill disabled and Accessibility, Autofill previews, and Auto-copy one-time passwords enabled in 1pw:
    State Farm app: prompted to fill username and password in both user and password fields and asking 1pw to fill successfully fills both fields.
    Aetna Health app: a little inconsistent, but with some taps, patience, and occasionally exiting to the home screen and going back to the Aetna Health app, 1pw will offer to fill username and password in both user and password fields and asking 1pw to fill successfully fills both fields.

    With both Autofill and Accessibility enabled in the 1Pw app:
    Results are back to as I originally reported them. State Farm doesn't offer to fill at all, and Aetna offers Autofill (above the keyboard) of only the password field.

    So in summary there seems to be some kind of conflict between Autofill and Accessibility when both are enabled for these two apps, Autofill doesn't work properly for either app, and while Accessibility can be made to work it doesn't work consistently for the Aetna Health app.

    Hope that helps.

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    edited October 6

    Wow @EnerJi, I really appreciate the thorough explanation!

    Let me clarify that some apps are created in a way such that password managers are unable to determine that login information is needed, so it can't prompt you to fill it in. There are a few apps that we know that have similar issues, and we are currently working to fix. I've passed this information along to our development team.

    If you think of or encounter any other apps or websites with filling issues, please let us know. In the meantime, please use our drag and drop feature:

    ref: dev/android/onepassword-android#955

  • Thanks; I have been using drag and drop as a workaround. Hopefully autofill gets improved in a future update.

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

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    @EnerJi, we are definitely working on it!

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach back out :)

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