Moving from iOS Keychain to 1PW without a Mac

Hey there! So I am all set with 1PW, but I'd like for my daughter to start using it also. All of her passwords are in the iOS Keychain on her iPhone. I've been seeing references to MrCs converter suite but it seems I can only gather how to use it if she has a Mac, which she doesn't.

Can someone "Explain like I am 5" how I can move her passwords from iOS Keychain (I guess from her phone) into her vault on 1PW? She has the app installed on her phone

Thank You!

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @buyanet

    My apologies, but it is not possible to move items (automatically) from the Apple's keychain to 1Password without a Mac. There is no export function for keychain, and so there is nothing for us to import. If the only device she has access to is an iPhone, migrating the data would be an entirely manual process unfortunately.

    I'm sorry there isn't a better way. It would be great if in the future Apple would offer an export function for keychain.


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