Feature Request: Add Numbers and Symbols to Word Passwords

I like to use the words recipe in order to create passwords in 1Password. However, there are many sites that require symbols, numbers, and a certain number of characters. I understand that I can easily create a password that would meet the site's criteria (numbers, symbols, length) using the characters recipe, but what if I'd prefer to use the words generator? In that case the only options are either to not use words at all OR to manually add on a number or symbol to the word password. But this latter option is not ideal for a variety of reasons, including that I stick the number or symbol at the end, which offers less randomness than placing it at random locations. Moreover, if for some reason I need to go back and edit the password for some other reason, it means that I also have to keep remembering to add in one or more extra characters manually each time.

My feature request is that it would be nice if the words generator also included a slider to insert a certain number of digits or symbols into the word password. The alternative shouldn't have to be giving up on word passwords entirely and switching to random characters. There should be a built in way to easily add numbers and symbols to a password that is otherwise all words.

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  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    which version of 1Password are you currently using?

    Mac (in the 7.7 betas) and iOS (7.7 release) already do this:

  • Super cool. I'm on 7.6 so I didn't see that when I posted, and shortly after I posted I got an iOS update that added the option to have symbols and digits as separators, so yay for that!

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Thank you for the kind words @rbudish, I am glad to hear that you like the feature :)

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