This Week @ 1Password [#9]: Fall Leaves, and an Autumn Breeze 🍂🎃


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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

It’s slowly becoming cooler outside, the leaves are changing color, so fall is now certainly here to stay — let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to this week and see what we have to say. 🗣

1Password for Linux 🐧

This week, the Linux Team has been hard at work ironing out a variety of user interface bugs and improving Item Editing to be even better. All hands are on deck as we get our current features polished, and finish some additional features that we know you want… 👀

Item Editing is old news, this week it’s all about Custom Fields. If you’re reading this, you can now add custom fields to items, and those custom fields are available in all item types too! Once you’re in edit mode, simply find the “add more” text in your item details, and then choose your field. Read more about it, and all of the changes made this week over on our Linux Development Preview Forum.

1Password for iOS 📱

There’s more than meets the eye in this week’s small, yet mighty update to 1Password for iOS.

We’ve built an all-new password generator that is more powerful than ever while being even easier to use. The Random and Memorable generators have had their options refined and honed in, and it is easier to switch between the different modes — including the brand-new PIN code generator.

Behind the scenes, we’re using our latest password recipes to create the right mix of reliable, strong passwords. In addition to the new password generator, we’ve made a few improvements for users on iOS 14, along with numerous filling improvements on web pages.

As you all know, we will never prompt you for a review because we value your workflow too much to interrupt it, but if you feel generous and have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance. 💙

1Password for Android 🤖

As a follow-up to our Android 11 release, we’ve got another update that fixes a handful of issues and even adds another new feature that I’ve certainly seen a few of you fine folks ask for… 😮

Now, when using biometrics or PIN Code, you can have 1Password require your Master Password after a set period of time. Use this for added security and to help you keep your Master Password fresh in your memory.

No release would be complete without the improvements and fixes you’re used to, so you find out about all of those detailed changes over on our Update Server.

1Password for Mac 🖥

Closing out September and bringing us into October is the new beta of 1Password for Mac for you, still warm from the oven. In addition to the customary improvements and fixes, the lock screen has adopted macOS Big Sur’s new styling.

As always, thank you for reporting issues you have found in our beta releases.

1Password for Windows 💻

Over in Windows-land, we’ve arrived at 1Password for Windows 7.6.785 that builds onto our most recent housekeeping spree with squashing a bug that took us nearly the last month to track down.

Thanks to the folks who wrote into us, the Windows Team found out that 1Password may prematurely auto-lock itself soon after unlocking in the event you had a lengthy system update (49.7+ days, to be exact) returning a result that doesn’t match our conditions and caused 1Password to not play so nicely.

Sometimes a reboot really does solve something. Who would’ve thought? 😜

Bug Fix of The Week 🐞

Pack it up folks, try again next week.

I don’t seriously think there’s a way anything could beat the bug our Windows Team squashed this week. It was an adventure and a mystery all rolled into one, and I’m certainly happy to put that one behind us. 😌

Random But Memorable 🎙

Is behavioral advertising out of control?

(Short answer: Yes, but you’ll have to listen to find out why.. 🎧)

Gather around as our very own David Hogg joins us to reveal the fun and unique ways people use 1Password. Trust me, you’ll want to hear this.

And lastly — fingers meet buzzers for the customary chaos of Play Your Passwords Right, complete with giveaway results! Ready? Let’s go!..🚨

Here’s where you can listen to Random but Memorable:

PSA: There will not be a new issue of This Week @ 1Password posted on October 14th, but we will be back on October 21st with our 10th issue!

The outpour of folks who have enjoyed the weekly updates has been astounding, and I am so happy to get to write these every week for everyone. See you all on the 21st! 💙

— Blake and the 1Password Team

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