global settings for teams accounts

Our 1pass business account is used by all staff and integrated into our other employee systems onboarding & employee training

We are reviewing the current setup & have 2 requests:

First -
We very much want to switch from email to slack for our 1password invitations & like what you have done on that front. We have updated the slack plugin to start exploring that process. We have a complex slack environment with contractors & guests & interns plus several 1password admin staff of various skill levels.

This leaves me worried that someone will hit the "Invite Everyone" button in the Slack section.

I have no idea what that would do, but I am 100% sure it would not be what we want & has a high chance of causing pandemonium. I want to preserve the ability to invite people one at a time and disable "Invite Everyone" as a setting accessible only to the owner account.

We love that 1pass has secure account recovery for business accounts & we train users to have multiple client installs of 1pass for redundancy. Therefore, for all our users we strongly recommend that they do not save their emergency kit because we have found most cannot do it in a secure way and they never ever need it. I want a preference for the team/business account to stop prompting users to save the emergency kit at account creation and other times. Being able to save it is fine - there are some use cases where people want to save it for good reason, but the fact that 1pass insists on prompting for it at setup makes it very confusing for our users to understand that they don't really depend on it in our environment.

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  • john_mjohn_m

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    Hi @paulpharr! Let me take your two general queries/suggestions in order:

    Limiting "Invite Everyone" Slack integration control
    I'll be happy to pass on your feedback about that to our engineering team for you; if you have a 1Password Business account, then what you could consider at the moment would be to use our Custom Groups feature to "roll your own" administrative role that does not include the "Invite & Remove People" permission. This would allow you to have general administrators that can do most things a member of the regular "Administrators" group could do, while not being able to inadvertently invite people to join the account via Slack (as they won't have access to the "Invitations" page). For those folks you trust with responsibility for access to those Slack invitation controls, you can either add them to the regular "Administrators" group, or create a second custom group that just has the "Invite & Remove People" permission, and add them to that group and whatever other groups you want.

    Prevent users from saving Emergency Kits
    Likewise, I'll be happy to pass your feedback about this on to our engineering team for you, for their future consideration.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you!

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