Help transferring items from iCloud Keychain

I’m trying to transfer everything from iCloud keychain, to 1password. I’m not having very good luck. I’m using 1password 7.7, beta 10, macOS Catalina, and The tools offered by MRC converter sweet.
When I attempt to run the script to get Safari 12 passwords, I get an error. The text of the error varies.
Can anyone assist me?


  • MrCMrC Community Moderator


    Be sure to 1) let the script start Safari by itself, and 2) allow the script to finish before you interact with your system.

  • ok, as a VoiceOver user, how will I know when the script has finished running? what does it mean, when my list of passwords is displayed?

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator
    edited October 17


    I'm sorry, I don't know much about VoiceOver, nor its capabilities / requirements.

    Can you explain what you mean by "my list of passwords is displayed" - not sure I know where you're at.

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