Email aliases via email relay


I would really love it if 1password offered an addon that essentially replicates what something like SimpleLogin does.

Being able to keep you email private by setting up aliases would be a killer feature that I would love to pay you for.

Why not use SimpleLogin? I am. But it is a single developer as far as I can tell and if he decides its more trouble than its worth, I would have to self host his open source project to prevent losing access to all my accounts.

I feel 1password has more staying power and it would be great to have this option (even if I pay an additional $2-5 per month) for my family plan.

Please... take my money and make it happen!


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Manaconda

    I actually do a similar thing using Google's G Suite. I'm not sure we're currently looking to expand into areas beyond password management, but I'd be happy to pass the suggestion along to the team for consideration. :)


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