How do I address slow sync across devices?

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I'm finding that syncing of updated entries is sometimes slow across devices. For example, I use 1Password on my work Mac and may update a password or create a new login. When I get home to use my Windows laptop that new entry is not there. This is both in Chrome (sometimes), in the 1Password app (very often) and also on my iPhone (sometimes).

Any ideas how I can fix this so that sync is instantaneous? Thanks

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Wiplash

    The first step here would be to figure out which device is the source of the difficulty. To facilitate that I'd like to ask you to please perform a test for me.

    1. On each device create a new Secure Note, and give it a title that is unique to that device (e.g. "Test from Wiplash's iMac")
    2. Sign in at in a web browser and look in your vault. Which notes created in step 1 appear there and which do not?
    3. Check the 1Password app on each device for each other device's note. Which ones appear where?

    Then please post the results here, e.g.:

    Note created on Wiplash's iMac:

    • Web: no
    • iPhone: no

    Note created on Wiplash's iPhone:

    • Web: yes
    • iMac: no

    That should help us get an idea of where to being troubleshooting. Thanks!


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