Best way to add a kid to 1Password?

Hello, what's the best way to let a kid use 1Password without making her a "full member" immediately? I know there is guest account, but I also know there is no way to change a guest account into full member later, right?

The use case is, that I want to give my kid access to some shared passwords, but not everything in our shared vault, like say, password to parental control apps :)

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  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    A guest user only has access to a single vault, which you would designate they have access to. You cannot convert a guest to a full member; instead, the user would need to be re-invited as a full member, just as you mentioned.

    I have tried both methods (guest and full access). I finally settled on full access so the kids could have access to the shared vault in addition to a personal vault. Today, I might tend to suggest the guest user route more. Mainly because of that single vault they can access. Then once they understand how to use it properly, change to a full member.

    My eleven year old has firmly grasped the use of 1Password on his devices. He troubleshoots issues for his brother, who is ten. Depending on your younger one, the guest route may be the best approach, and then, later on, make the full member move.

    I would keep an eye on your post. You may very well get some great replies from the community.

  • Thanks for the answer! I think I will consider the guest route indeed. My kid is only 8 and still learning to use software and devices properly and responsibly :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Sounds good! Please let us know if you run into any other questions. :)


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