Unable to authenticate dropbox sync using master password on new android device

I'm trying to get 1 Password working on a new android tablet. I'm following instructions on syncing with my dropbox vault. I am not able to use what I believe to be my Master Password. This is the password I use to log in to 1 Password on my laptop. If this is not the password to use, which password should I be using?

1Password Version: Android
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: dropbox
Referrer: forum-search:master password not accepted for sync


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hey @teresa0313. Thanks for reaching out. I wonder if you're using a different vault and Master Password on your laptop, so I'd like to take a look. I'd like to ask you to create a diagnostics report from your laptop:

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (Mac)

    Attach the diagnostics to an email message addressed to [email protected].

    With your email please include:

    • A link to this thread: https://1password.community/discussion/116382/unable-to-authenticate-dropbox-sync-using-master-password-on-new-android-device#latest
    • Your forum username: teresa0313

    That way I can "connect the dots" when I see your diagnostics in our inbox.

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number.  Please post that number here so I can track down the diagnostics and ensure that this issue is dealt with quickly. :)

    Once I see the diagnostics I'll be able to better assist you. Thanks very much!

  • Hi...was there a fix for this issue. I am having the same problem with a Samsung note10plus

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

    Team Member

    Hey @pdemestre, thanks for reaching out to us to report this syncing issue.

    The cause for this issue can vary from account to account or device to device, so we usually ask for a diagnostic report in order to figure out what's going on. Please follow Peri's instructions above to send us a diagnostic report from your Android device: https://support.1password.com/diagnostics/?android.

    Please include your forum username pdemestre instead of the one above.

    Thanks in advance!

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