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When you save credit card details, you provide fields for the contact data for the card issuer. But there is no place to save the billing zip code. For example, I saw a form on that was like this:


All 4 fields in a box. On one line. And the field names we in faint, dimmed out grey against a white background and didn't turn black until entries were made in the CARD NUMBER field. So I never even noticied the field named ZIP in that box.

I went so far as to complain to the company because I couldn't make a purchase. i was majorly frustrated. The form on the page only had the typical multipe field SHIPPING ADDRESS which isn't where my bank cards are billed, that is my mailing address, which is different than my shipping address. But there was no similar series of fields for Billing Address.

To process a card transaction, the only thing really needed is an AVS Match. Address Verification System. So merchants only submit the billing zip, which results in a marginally higher merchant fee, but makes more transactions get approved instead of abandoned

I added a field called ZIPCODE in the credit card 1Password database after card number, expiration date, and CVV for automatically adding the billing zip code but I think it should be built into the product and tested. If there are multiple fields for a billing address, then let the user choose to fill that in from identities. But if there is not multiple field billing address area, start looking for that ZIP field around the card number and fill it from the credit card record.

I am not sure my adding ZIP will allow 1PASSWORD to fill it every time, no matter what they call it, be it ZIP, ZIPCODE or BILLING ZIP or BILLING ZIPCODE. And to differentiate it from other ZIP code fields on the page.

This is not the same ZIP CODE as the card issuers mailing address.

Anyway, since this threw me for a loop and wasted a bunch of my time, I thought I'd present it here. It's just a thought. Have a good day.


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    Hi @FogCityNative

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience here. I can see how it would be helpful to be able to save a billing address inside a credit card item. There will likely be difficulties filling this information though, particularly on pages which ask for multiple addresses (e.g. shipping address & billing address). As far as I'm aware there is no standardized naming convention in which web developers differentiate a credit card ZIP code from the shipping address details. I'll certainly pass the suggestion to our team for further consideration, though. Perhaps they'll be able to think of a good solution. :)


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    Thanks, Ben . . . I think the trick is to look on the page and see if there are 1 or 2 address fields or boxes. In other words, if the software doesn't see both shipping and billing addresses requested on a payment page, then and only then does it look for a 5 digit billing zip code field somewhere on the page that is not part of the address box and fill it with the 5 digit zip (not Zip +4) stored with the card.

    If the site has been programmed to put billing and shipping on separate web pages, then it will not find a second zip code field on the payment page and it simply ignoes the billing zip stored with the card.

    Could 1Password be programmed to keep a tally of when some data was last recalled and used? If other words, so it KNOWS it recently filled in a billing or shipping address from IDENTITIES, and therefore the billing zip field stored with the card is not needed and is therefore ignored.

    Most sites when the user presses the BUY NOW button will go through a predicitable sequence.

    Either shipping will be reuested on its own page, or it will be requested as something like "click this box if billing address is different than shipping" which then opens up to having a second set of billing address data entered. Either on its one page or as a changed page so shpping and billing appear on the same page.

    But the last thing usually is the payment data, card number, exp, CVV. Then the BUY NOW or ORDER button will be available.

    Since there is no standard, but there are exacting requirements to process any online purchase using a credit card transaction, 1Password just has to have some AI to understand which way the payment pages have been programmed. Isn't AI about showing the software 25,000 different payment pages and teaching it how to recognize them?

    A human would know that they just completed the billing information within the last few minutes and so wouldn't be looking to do it again. Or the site was asking for payment details first, and then address details. Or as happened to me, the user knew he hadn't completed any billing info (because the purchase would not go through if attempted even when I changed the shipping address to the billing address) . . . I had to put that darn billing zip in the field where they wanted it.

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