Bug Report. Linking multiple 1Password records.

FogCityNativeFogCityNative Junior Member

I have a new Amazon Seller Central Account and also a new Gmail persona as an Amazon business linked to my regular personal Gmail account, but with its own user name and password.

I specifically chose to use the same password on the Amazon Seller Account as I did on the Google Gmail Seller account. Because if I were to change one password, I'd need to change the other. While they are two different sites, but they are logically linked. And communicate with one another.

So, I get a REUSED password error. There is no facility to say to 1Password, "Yes, I know these two sites share the same password. I want it that way. Stop warning me. Dismiss this pop-up and never warn me again"

So, I tried to link one site (Amazon Seller) 1Password record with the other site (Amazon Seller Gmail account) 1Password record and using 1Password Add-On in Firefox, clciked on edit, and then clicking on the link box which did nothing.

It wasn't until I clicked on launch the full 1Password app that I saw that the 1Password Firefox Add-On had opened the box to select the linked site underneath itself, so it wasn't visible until I switched away from the Add-On to go to the display of the full 1Password application.

Also, I am really not sure what the intention of the iPassword linked site is. Conde Nast is the publisher of Wired, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. Here no matter which of these publications I use, I will be taken to a Conde Nast server to be autehticated. So Conde Nast will always be the suggested 1Password site to log in, although I have a separate password for each magazine. So my iPassword record for Conde Naste points to the three 1Password records for the three publications.

So if I go to www.wired.com and click on Log In, I am going to be switched to the Conde Nast authtentication server, even though the page on the server is specific to Wired. But the security and subscriber management isn't hosted on wired.com but on condenast.com (Basically, you have a giant publisher called Conde Nast trying to consolidate all their subscribers into a single database, while at the same time having separate web sites and content for each publication. Hearst Managzines does the same thing. Hearst owns the sfchronicle.cm site but also owns other publications. All Security and password management is done by the parent corporation on the Hearst servers. The broweser doesn't show this, because it is one web site inside another.)

I just want to make Auto Fill and GO in 1Password work.

1Password Version: 7.7 Beta 10
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.15.7
Sync Type: 1Password Vault


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    edited October 2020

    Hey @FogCityNative ,
    Thanks for writing in about this!

    The option to link one entry to another in 1Password is for the convenience of finding information. If you have a credit card item in 1Password, you can link your bank's login entry to it and your bank account item as well. That way, you only need to find one of the three in order to have access to the information in all three items: https://support.1password.com/link-items/

    If you have multiple websites that use the same login credentials, instead of linking them one to another, you can simply use a single login item for all of them. The way to do that is to add every website's URL to the same login entry:

    1. Open your 1Password app.
    2. Find the main login entry you'd like to use, select it and click on "Edit".
    3. Under the username and password fields you'll see the website URL field, which tells 1Password to which website these credentials belong to. You can add as many URLs under that first URL so that 1Password will know you want to autofill these same credentials on multiple websites.
    4. Once you've added all the URLs you need, click the "Save" button to save your changes and you'll now have a login item that will work in all of these websites, as long as you have the same username and password for all of them.

    That way, you will also get rid of the Watchtower notification that indicates you are using the same password in multiple places.
    Here's a screenshot showing what the login entry will look like in 1Password:

    Keep in mind that this will only work if both the username and password are identical for all of the websites you list. In case the username is different, you will still have to use a separate login item.

    There's currently no way to disable the Watchtower notification about re-used passwords, as it is an important safety mechanism designed to alert users until they handle that security vulnerability. Yes, there are some edge cases like having the same password but different usernames on multiple websites, but they are indeed edge cases and we will keep investigating such cases to improve 1Password accordingly.

    As for the bug you encountered, can you please list a step-by-step description of your actions, where did you perform them and when, so that I can replicate it here and file it as a bug if I can confirm it?

    Thanks again for taking the time to bring this up!

  • Hey @ag_yaron

    Just found this while looking for a way to associate multiple sites to one set of credentials.

    What I have found (from organically adding passwords) is that now I use 1Password almost as my bookmarks.
    I will open the browser extension, type the name of the item and hit return to open the site.
    If you have multiple URL's associated with some credentials then it would only open the first one in the list.
    I don't want to have to scroll down through the list of sites to find the one I want to go to.

    What brought me to this is that there are several things at work which authenticate through active directory so the credentials for them all are the same, while the site URLs are wildly different. Ideally, if I change my work password, I wouldn't need to change it on 10 or more other items if I could link one set of credentials to several sites.

    Either that, or if it would be possible to name / tag the site URLs stored with some credentials.
    At least then it could be searchable perhaps to find the correct one.

    Hope this makes sense.


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @CraigJH ,
    Thanks for sharing your experience and feedback here!

    Indeed, 1Password is so useful that it can function like the bookmarks in your browser, but your use case is a bit more complex than that.
    Since you have more than one URL in a login item, it is true that the only way to open any other website besides the first one on the list is to scroll down the item and select it.

    I don't think it will benefit the vast majority of users to show another selection menu after clicking on "Go" or "Open and fill" so you can select the relevant website, that's just another step we're adding instead of making things easier.

    When you search for a specific website in 1Password's search bar, you will find the item that contains that website even if there isn't a name/tag specific for that URL, so I'm not exactly sure how adding a name/tag to specific URLs will be helpful.

    I too have many login items that contain multiple website URLs, but then again I seldom use the "Open and fill" function. I find it faster to just start typing the address in my browser's address bar, which it will autocomplete for me and take me there in a jiffy, without me opening 1Password at all. Then, when I reach the login page, 1Password will already be there waiting for me inside the username/password field, asking if I want to autofill. But that's just my preferred workflow :)

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