Extended Password Generator Configuration

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Sorry if I'm bringing up a question that probably has been brought up more than once, but the number of unrelated search hits given the above keywords was just too big to go through.

I would like to have more options to influence the password generator. I prefer lower case passwords and have them rather longer to compensate the entropy. Makes it easier to type and to remember, if needed to communicate. But I can't find an option to set this preference. If that's currently not available, I'd like to make this a feature request.

On the other hand, the xkcd-style word generator does not allow for capital letters. This configuration might be a good add on for subscribing users.

For special characters it would be good to be able to influence this set of characters, depending on the used keyboard, some characters are much more complicated to type than others.

One other feature might be useful in this context: showing the entropy of the password, so that I know to which length to extend to for compensation lower characters only, for example.

Thanks for taking this into consideration

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    I can certainly pass on your feedback. Thank you for sharing how this would benefit you.

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