New to 1Password and I'm confused at how to set myself up with a proper account structure.

I'm new to 1Password. I appears to be oriented towards businesses and teams or maybe even family (at least the instructional video was)

At this point in time, it's JUST me. Only need 1 member (myself). I don't mind paying the yearly fee, but prefer it to just be for an individual. Yet, I hear I need someone else involved in any recovery? Is this really not set up for a single user/owner? I guess I could join using another of my emails, but then am I paying more ? I think this would be more intuitive if I WAS using this in a legitimate team setting, but that is not my need currently (I'm a widower with an empty nest).

Can you provide guidance, or possibly suggest a diff solution i.e. lastpass or some other product that is more developed with a single user in mind.

I appreciate any help!

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    If your goal is to enable account recovery, then yes, you would need an additional member who is part of the same family in order to use the feature. The feature is not available for individual accounts due to how recovery works. You would need to know your Master Password to begin recovery for someone else in the family. If you needed recovery, then not knowing the Master Password is generally the problem. The other individual would be able to help you restore your access.

    1Password maintains a hands-off approach to your data. We do not keep a record of your Master Password and or your Secret Key. So we are not in a position to assist you with recovery. Only you can access your data.

    Many individuals share family accounts with parents or other loved ones, both near and far. That may be an option for you. Family members do not even have to belong to the same household. Account recovery is one of the single most significant factors that I used to justify a family membership when I first started with my membership. I have used it to keep my wife from losing her data. Now, my eldest son and his wife are also part of the family.

    I highly recommend printing out a copy of your Emergency Kit and storing it someplace safe. I keep mine stored in a floor safe (locally), a floor safe at a relative's home (off-site), and in a safe deposit box (off-site). The Emergency Kit can fulfill all of your goals regarding account recovery if adequately filled out, saved, and stored correctly. My son asked me to maintain a copy of his Emergency Kit. He was traveling recently and asked if I could help his wife with a new device (they share a single account) no need for recovery in this instance. All I needed to do is access his Emergency Kit, which he provided to me for safe keeping.

    Both are great tools, and countless individuals use 1Password. I believe you will find a home here. Welcome to the 1Password family.

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