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Is there a secure method to create an item with a password that does not involve including the password on the command-line? From my understanding, it is insecure to include secrets on the command-line since other processes can see that information. op create item does not appear to have any other option, though.

Using op version 1.8.0.

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  • Hey @ehuss! If you just need to create a random password, op has a built-in password generator you can use when creating an item. By default, it will create a password that's 32 characters long, containing letters, digits and symbols.

    $ op create item Login username=[username] --generate-password --title=<title>

    You can also specify the password recipe. You can choose the length (between 1 and 64), and whether to include letters/digits/symbols. Specify these options after --generate-password, separating each one with a comma as shown below.

    $ op create item Login username=[username] --generate-password="letters,digits,20" --title=[title]

    Would that work for your situation?

  • ehuss
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    Unfortunately, no. My use case involves saving a secret token which is generated by a separate system.

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    Hey @ehuss ,

    If you need to create an item with a specific password (that was generated outside of the CLI), then there's no way (that I can think of) to pass that password into the CLI in a non-visible manner. You have to input that password into the CLI and therefor it will be visible when you pass it into the CLI.

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