Can't use 1Pw Helper App (macOS) in Chrome Incognito browser

Hello! I understand why it's not possible to fill into an incognito browser window for privacy reasons, but I was curious whether there is a technical limitation in preventing manual use of the 1Pw helper app in a chrome incognito window. In other words, I would like to be able to open the helper app, type in the site I wish to fill, and drag the user name and password into login fields in an incognito browser window.

When I have an incognito browser window open, if I click on the 1Password icon in the macOS menubar nothing happens (i.e. the app won't even open.) I typically have to launch the desktop 1Pw app and then copy and paste from there, which isn't as convenient.

1Password Version: 7.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.15.7 (19H2)
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    I could be wrong, but isn't that what this switch in the Manage Extensions interface does? allow the use of the extension while in incognito mode?

  • @rudy Good call, I had forgotten about that setting. However, I would prefer to keep all my extensions disabled (I use incognito mode to troubleshoot website issues and it's nice to know that every extension is disabled just in case there's some obscure interaction or conflict).

    The helper app does not appear to be completely dependent on the extension to function, as I can use the helper app when no browser window is in focus (e.g. to drag username / password into a desktop app login). So I'm wondering why the same functionality doesn't work when the extension is disabled in an incognito window?

  • nhat_1Pnhat_1P

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    Hello @EnerJi,

    Thank you very much for your clarification. I am unsure if I understand you correctly, so please correct me if my answer is not what you are looking for.

    Even if you don't allow 1Password to run in incognito, you can still use the 1Password mini for the "drag and drop" feature if you select the 1Password mini in the menu bar (At the top right corner) of your computer.

  • Hello @nhat_1P, thanks for chiming in with @rudy.

    I recorded a quick screencast to demonstrate the difference between when a different app is in focus and when an incognito window is in focus, but I am unable to add it here (says the file type is not supported). So allow me to describe in detail what I recorded:

    In my example I have just two windows visible. One is the built-in Calculator app, and the second is a Chrome incognito window opened to the new tab page. When Calculator is in focus, I can click on the 1PW icon in the menubar and it will open and function as usual. When the incognito window is in focus, clicking on the menubar icon does not open the app. The click appears to register (i.e. the menubar icon background color changes until I release my mouse click, just as if I had clicked on any other menubar icon), but nothing else happens.

    The helper app will not open with an incognito browser in focus, and I would love if it did open. Hope this helps clarify.

    P.S. It would be ideal if the forum software could be configured to allow short screencasts to be uploaded. If that's not possible, please let me know if you have a recommended anonymous / privacy-preserving site where I could upload and link a screencast in the future.

  • nhat_1Pnhat_1P

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    Hello @EnerJi ,

    That is certainly strange. I don't have the same experience from my end. I can always open the 1Password mini in the menu bar regardless of Chrome Incognito Window is in focus or not. Could you please send me your screen recording to our support site here? I will get back as soon as I receive an email from you.

    Nhat Nguyen.

  • @nhat_1P I sent diagnostics and the screencast. Reference #BQF-54413-968.

  • nhat_1Pnhat_1P

    Team Member

    @EnerJi ,

    Thank you for your diagnostics report. I already sent you a response, and we can start our conversation there.

  • Hello, I just thought I'd bump this thread in case anyone else is experiencing this issue. My issue was resolved for a while by uninstalling and re-installing 7.7 Beta as directed by @nhat_1P, but now it's back again.

    Nothing has changed except 1Password has updated from 7.7 Beta to the 7.7 Stable version, although that could be a coincidence. I've reached back out to support with a fresh diagnostic report.

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    Thank you, @EnerJi. We'll take a look. :smile:

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