This Week @ 1Password - 11/11/2020


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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I hope everyone reading this is having a fantastic week so far. There’s a lot that’s happened since we last spoke, so let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to and talk about it! 🗣

1Password for Linux 🐧

Kicking things off, we have some much needed bug fixes across many areas of the UI, we’ve made the overall application more responsive, removed extra Watchtower banners, and prepared more parts of the application for localization. 🌍

Lots of folks have been asking for official Arch support, so we super thrilled to announce that, in collaboration with the community, we have begun officially distributing Arch packages through the Arch User Repository .

As you can tell, this week’s release is short and sweet. We’re doing a lot of things internally, so this week it’s just a few visible bug fixes alongside the additions mentioned above. Check out our release notes for more details.

1Password for Mac 🖥

Our Mac Team has been kicking ass and taking names the past few weeks, with nearly thirty bugs squashed and improvements made in that short span of time. 😍

I’ll save everyone from reading a giant wall of text and instead, you can find all of the updates and improvements made to 1Password for Mac right over here. As always, thank you for reporting issues you have found in our beta releases.

Make sure to get in touch with us right here on our discussions forum to let us know if you have any feedback!

1Password for Android 🤖

Over in Android-land, every beta update brings us closer to being ready to share this release with everyone. On Android 11, we’ve fixed an issue where the Autofill prompt would sometimes appear in both the keyboard and a dropdown. We’ve also fixed a couple of frequently reported crashes and resolved an issue that prevented choosing another vault when setting up Dropbox sync.

In particular, we’ve fixed a sync failure that occurred with local storage sync after updating to Android 11 and resolved an error that prevented exporting a vault to local storage.

Last, but certainly not least, this beta includes translation updates for Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. If you use 1Password in any of these languages, give this one an extra round of testing and share your feedback on Google Play and in the 1Password forums !

You can find all of the details for what you can expect in the 1Password for Android Beta over on our update server.

1Password Web App 🌐

Coming in at a grand total of 9 updates since the last issue of This Week @ 1Password, the Web App Team has truly been unstoppable. 💪

We’ve rolled out all new Slack integration setups, which are now done with granular permissions, allowing you a better idea of what we do with that access, added accessibility features to both the Home page, and the Settings and Account pages, fixed some layout issues in vault detail view affecting Safari 14 users, and admins can now deauthorize team members devices!

This is just a small portion of all of the changes and improvements made, so make sure to read over everything right here!

Bug Fix of the Week 🐞

This one goes out to our Mac Team for navigating a quite humorous paradox, which included fixing an issue that resulted in the lock screen telling you about the Touch ID sensor being unavailable when Touch ID unlock wasn’t enabled.

Talk about a catch-22, eh? 😅

Random But Memorable 🎙

How can you create and code software that’s actually secure? Hit play to find out! Join us this week as Tanya Janca discusses her new book, and offers up her top tips on secure software and knitting mittens for squirrels (yes, seriously.) 🐿🧤

We also discuss the moral dilemma of a Robin Hood-style hacking donation and all the commotion around Trump’s alleged Twitter hack. Don’t worry, this is an election-free zone.

All that, plus a particularly funky round of Play Your Passwords Right. 🎸🎶

Here’s where you can listen to Random but Memorable:

That’s all for this week, but be sure to catch us right here on November 25th for a Thanksgiving-themed scoop on all things 1Password! 💙🔐

— Blake and the 1Password Team

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