Request to improve identities creation and integration with browsers forms

Is there a way to associate several e-mails to one identity, so we can choose one or another when filling, as "contact app does on Mac OS X in Safari? (Other than create one identity per e-mail address.) I know I can add personalized e-mail fields to an identity, but apparently 1 password doesn’t allow us to choose from a list when auto filling. If it’s not, I would like to add myself to the feature request that I’m sure already exist. Thanks.

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    More precisely, I think it would be great if every field of an identity could be multiplied (as of now the predefined fields are "frozen"), like with vcards. Then there would be a default field for every component, for complete form autofill, but 1Password would allow us to choose from every field corresponding (phones/e-mails, etc.) should we need another information field by field (for the same identity).

    In simple terms, I would love if 1Password could create identities and interact with them in browsers, like Safari and "contacts" do.

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    Hey @tetardbleu ,
    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions here!

    We're aiming for the "1 click autofill" experience, so having another selection popup after already selecting which identity item you want to autofill feels a bit redundant.

    I know you mentioned you don't want to create multiple identity items - but that is the correct solution here. When you have all the identity items you need for each scenario, when you try to autofill you'll be presented with all the options that you're asking for here, just in the form of selecting the correct identity item instead of selecting the correct email. :)

    Keep in mind that naming the identity items in a clear manner with unique names will greatly help you manage things correctly. For example, here are some of my identity items:

    • Yaron Test (Contains bogus personal information and made up email for testing purposes)
    • Yaron Main (My real info and main email).
    • Yaron Work (My real info and work email).
    • Dad Main (My dad's info and email).

    When I need to autofill an identity, I'm presented with these options that make autofilling a click away, instead of multiple selections screens in stages.
    Keep in mind that you don't even need to create a brand new identity item and fill all your data again and again. Instead, you can duplicate an existing identity and just edit the fields you want to change :)

  • That’s true that it should work smoothly with the duplicate option. I think I just need to rewire my brain to take new reflexes.

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    Don't worry about it, I'm glad I could help and clarify things for you :chuffed:

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