Newbie: before starting using 1Password - Autofill on Android questions

I have been using another password manager for many years.
Regretfully it does not autofill on my Samsung S10 when using a 3rd party browser, like Chrome, Samsung Internet Browser.
Autofill works only when using the password manager’s own browser.

Am considering to switch, but before doing so, I’d like to ask a few questions.

My Samsung is running on Android v10 and of course the latest version of Chrome (today v86).
Believe having read that Chrome is preferred over Samsung Internet Browser.
(thread: “1Password and Samsung Internet Browser”)

Now, I would proceed as follows: on my desktop PC
1. exporting data from my current password manager,
2. uninstalling it
3. installing 1Password and importing the data

then on my smartphone:
5. remove the current password manager

then what?
Where can I find how to proceed and how to have 1Password autofill, or at least offer to fill, whilst using Chrome (on my smartphone)?
Am I supposed to change something settings somewhere so as to make it work properly?

BTW On my desktop (Windows 10 x64) I am using Edge.


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  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @Marcel2. Thanks for reaching out!

    If you launch and unlock 1Password for Android, and tap Settings > Autofill, are both Autofill and Accessibility turned on there?

  • Thanks for your response.

    I am sorry for not being entirely clear: I should have added that I have -not- yet installed 1Password.
    I am considering doing so.
    Have read quite a number of reviews, but most of them are about how password managers in a Windows environment.

    Usually password managers work fine on a Windows PC, but that may not always be the case once it comes to Android and browser integration.

    Reason for my asking.

    Example: on my smartphone I might receive a notification (like from this forum), I click on the link and then need to log in. A windows shows up with empty fields. Will 1Password then step in and offer to fill in?
    The password manager that I am currently using, doesn't and there is no way to get that fixed, hence my search for an alternative.

    Thank you!

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

    Team Member

    Hey @Marcel2, thanks for the clarification!

    When using 1Password on your Android device, 1Password will offer to fill in your Login information for you. You can see visual examples in this support guide:

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Ah, right!
    Thank you very much indeed.
    Will check this out.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Sounds good @Marcel2, let us know how it goes :)

  • Sadly, right now, I am stuck at the start of installing 1Password.

    I created a forum account, so as to ask the above questions first.

    After launching the setup, it reported that an account with this email already existed.
    I then tried using my forum credentials, but a Secret Key was required. Obviously I don't have that.
    Have meanwhile sent an email and am waiting for a reply.

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

    Team Member
    edited November 2020

    Hey @Marcel2, thanks for reaching out to us via email! A 1Password member will get back to you soon, and we can continue from there.

  • I'm considering switching from dashlane to another password manager and I'm looking at 1password. So far your meeting all my needs with a desktop application (since dashlane did away with theirs) and you have app support, family pricing with allowances for additional members, great prices, you have documents that link to logins etc, and additional fields in all forms. We've looked at Keeper and Lastpass as well but so far you've been on the money for our family and we are a family of techs that use our devices constantly. We have PC desktops, Android phones, Android tablets, a chromebook and a ipad.

    We played with the features and loved what we could do so we tried to do some things that would be day to day. But one thing I cannot get to work is auto fill forms for my addresses, names etc. Just my logins and passwords. I'm currently testing this on Android as all of my family use Android devices heavily and we rely on the auto fill feature . Cut and paste or drag and drop will not do the job. Dashlane does this without a problem. I can easily have my phone number, date of birth address, social security etc populate without issue on any site I go to but if I try using 1password I only get passwords and logins to populate. Now I understand I probably haven't filled in everything fully but do you have a chart or something that will tell me what is an available feature on desktop/browser/Android/IOS so I know what will and won't work? If the auto fill is not a feature that's available right now when will this be available as other password managers can do this and it's quite important.

  • periperi

    Team Member
    edited April 16

    Hi @Joipod97. 1Password for Android supports filling logins, doesn't currently support filling identity and credit card information. We have an open issue regarding this, though, and we hope to support t in the future. I'll pass your request on to our developers.

    For now, though, you will be able to fill identity and credit card info from Mac, Windows, and 1Password in your browser.

  • That is disappointing but I do appreciate that you have people looking into this . I guess we will have to either continue looking into other password managers or stay with dashlane and hope that your people can come up with a fix for this sometime soon. We would love to move our family over to your product as it does fit our needs in every other way. Thank you!

  • periperi

    Team Member

    @Joipod97 I understand. We hope to support this soon, as well!

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