How to recover family account after forgetting master password

I changed my master password.... iPhone face recognition timed out and I forgot to copy the new password from the secure document I store things in before that happened. With face recognition not an option I am unable to recover my account.

We do have a family share, but when my daughter logs on to the 1Password website she can only see my name on the right hand side. Recover account is not an option so I assume she must not have permissions.

I was able to open 1Password on my old Mac and have exported my database so at least have somewhat of a backup although missing some changes.

I thought 1Password did auto backups so hoping I have some kind of option available to me. Is it not possible to restore 1Password to a previous backup that will still be on my old master password that I know? Or how do I ever recover the online family account? I hope it is not a matter of deleting that family account and having to purchase a new one....and then dealing with my daughter on how to swap to the new one....


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OS Version: iPhone and Web
Sync Type: cloud
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