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Hi Guys. Just a quick question or two.

As I understand it, being on a standalone licence the documents attached to logins/notes etc., would be on my device. If I move to a Families membership the documents would be in a separate folder and stay on your servers. Is this correct?

Just wanted to ask that if I need to grab a document on my iPhone and there's no mobile signal or wifi about, am I stuck without access to my stuff until I find a connection? Or is the only other option to have them downloaded prior to my journey?

Thanks for your help.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @PJ1

    Once you've viewed a Document item on a device an encrypted copy of that item is cached on the device. :+1:


  • PJ1PJ1 Member

    That's great.

    Thanks Ben!

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    On behalf of Ben, you're welcome.

  • Hi, I tried 2 days ago to move to 1password membership from standalone license. I moved from standalone vault to the primary automated vault from membership. It told me that files won't move so I pressed ok. I thought they would "stay" in the primary vault (standalone). I can't seem though to find those files either in standalone or in the membership vault. What is the normal behavior of that?

    Also just in case, can I in the future move back to standalone if I want to?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Were you able to answer your questions? The items you are describing should remain in the Primary vault. Yes, you can move to a standalone if desired. However, membership is the best way forward with 1Password.

  • Well, for me the files were vanished. Thankfully I had Dropbox backup so I used sth I found on forum (I think to search files: or similar) to find entries that had attachments. Now I have them as individual entries in my vault. Yeah I know that 1password membership provides more stable cashflow, but I do like the fact I have perpetual license for Android and windows. The fact that I got free membership through a company account is an exception. And the reason I went that path (except the free price for me) is that u give me confidence that u do take your server security very seriously

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the update @jimger! And thank you also for the kind words :)

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