Save Secret Key in Apple Watch??

Hello everyone!

A bit of context, the objective that I would like to achieve (if it is possible) is to be able to access to my 1Password data (from some new device) just with my Apple Watch - just in the extreme case of loss access to my devices and I need access to my 1Password data.

My current setup:

  • Email: I know it :)
  • Master Password: Mega-secret, I’m the unique that know it and it’s not store in any place (of course). :p
  • 2FA: It’s save in my Apple Watch (and other devices) with a 2FA app.
  • Secret Key: Here the dilema.

Is it safe to store the Secret Key in the Apple Watch? I was thinking to create a note in 1Password and put it in the Apple Watch.

Any thought about this idea?? Is it a horrible idea?

Thanks in advance :D


  • rudyrudy

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    If you've got primarily apple devices the secret key is already stored in iCloud keychain for you in such a way that i you setup a new mac or iOS device with the same Apple ID it will find that account information automatically and allow you to type your master password to sign into your account again.

  • Thanks for the answer, I know about the iCloud Keychain :) but they idea is to be able to log in from a browser.

    Image the situation, you have lost your phone but you still keep your Apple Watch and you need to access (immediately and it’s really urgent) to your 1Password data. The idea is to access to your 1Password data through a browser (from some laptop that you borrow) using just the information that you have in your Apple Watch.

    Maybe I’m worry for a extremely unlikely situation xD

    Thanks a lot to answer any kind of question like this one :D

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Let me apologize for the late reply here, your message unfortunately slipped through the cracks :(

    Thank you for the clarification about this. There is certainly nothing stopping you from saving the Secret Key in your 1Password app, and syncing that item to the Apple Watch, so you can retrieve it from there when you need it.

    But since you specifically asked if this would be a safe approach, I think you will also find the following article useful:

    About 1Password security on Apple Watch

  • Thanks a lot for the answer and the clarification 😃

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