1. Auto fill is hit-miss 2. Fails to auto save login 3. Update logins not working 4. ETC.

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I must join in on this thread rather than open a new one.

My problem is exactly as the top first post, but it happens on Windows and Android. I changed from LastPass to 1Password for increased security. But I have on many occasions spent 10-20 minutes to get a password from 1Password to work, rather than the 1 sec it should take. It has become the most frustrating thing to use 1Password at all as a quick click and go method. It never happens.

1Paasword autofill is a complete hit-or-miss thing for me. One Edge, Opera, or Google Chrome. Firstly, there is no reaction when clicking on the username field in a browser....1Pass takes too long to respond, or does not prompt anything. Sometimes, it will respond after many touches and then you accidentally hit the 1Pass prompt it goes and does something else.

On my Android phone, this is even more frustrating. When you want to quickly check something this becomes a wrestling match with 1Password.

1Passowrd almost never offers to save passwords. This is a big no-no. 90% of the time I get no prompt to save a new login, unless I use 1Password to actively generate the login, and of course that does not happen because 1Password does not respond to a click of the respective field in the browser.

A previous login that I change because of mandate password change is not captured and 1Password does not offer to update an existing one. LastPass did this quite effectively. In 1Password I have to manually update the login info by searching for the original login. This is a futile cycle.

Again, if I do it on my phone, I might as well forget about it getting propagated to other devices. And then it all becomes a big mess once I forget the password by the time I need to use it on a desktop.

The Android functionality is so bad, that I dare not try to do any fucntion that requires a login -- banking, paypal, work issues etc etc...

Finally, if I am on a new device ---like when I wanted to put 1password on my new tablet -- the entire business of activating 1Password requires me to access my other devices where I can scan the QR code or lookup the master key etc.

I mean, LastPass had become better --- I really saved time by letting it manage passwords. With 1Password, I have to manage 1Password, and then manage my passwords in it also.

OK. Let me stop here and see what we can fix.....

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    Hey @premanu ,
    Sorry to hear you're having such a rough landing with 1Password.

    Your message here was split from another discussion because it was probably related to a different OS/device and requires our full attention to not hijack the original discussion.
    In order to provide you with the best support possible, let's focus on one platform at a time, starting from your computer. I assume it is a Windows computer, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

    On a computer, install 1Password X in your browser and check out this quick guide on how to utilize and work with it: https://support.1password.com/getting-started-1password-x/

    1Password X will show up inside usernames and/or password fields on the websites you visit and will suggest proper actions. However, in some websites that are designed poorly or have a non-standard structure, 1Password X might not recognize fields for what they are, in which case you can trigger it manually. Right clicking on the 1Password X extension icon on the top right corner of your browser and selecting "Save Login" will trigger the save/update login prompt.

    As for changing passwords, when you generate and/or select a new password from 1Password X, it will immediately tigger the save/update prompt. Here's the proper workflow of changing a password:

    1. Get to the website's "Change Password" page.
    2. Autofill the "current password" field with 1Password's help.
    3. In the new password field, 1Password should show up and suggest a new strong password. If you select it, it will be autofilled and the save/update prompt will show up. Alternatively, you can open the 1Password X extension from the top right corner of your browser, select the big PLUS icon to reveal the menu and select "Password Generator", which will allow you to generate your own password with custom recipes and rules. When you click on "Autofill" in the password generator, the save/update prompt will trigger.
    4. Once the new password field is autofilled and you saved/updated the login in 1Password, send the form on the website so that it will also accept the new password.

    In case you encounter any specific issues on specific websites, please share the link here so we can try and replicate/investigate it and help you out as needed.

    Let's stop here for now so you can experiment with this and let us know if you encounter any specific issues you'd like us to help you with on your computer or in your browser.

  • premanu
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    1. Not to compare necessarily, but LastPass seems to recognize the username/pass fields almost every time on the same pages that 1password fails. This has been on big reason I never signed up to 1Password after my first trial, but have now signed up for its security. This is a 1password issue, and always has been. You say ".........in which case you can trigger it manually", but clicking the respective box does not always invoke 1Password.
    2. The critical function of auto saving the login is exactly at the times when one forgets to ACTIVELY invoke the save login feature. More often than not, one forgets and then its lost. And once that opportunity goes, its like have having a manual database of passwords where one has to manually enter all the information. Why would I then need 1pass or any other password manager? I'm sorry to compare but, again, LastPass almost never fails to capture the new login automatically. This gives peace of mind and increases efficiency.
    3. More importantly, manually invoking "save login" must happen before I click enter for the new login. If I click 'save login' after the login has happened, then 1Password has no memory of the previous steps and there is nothing to save. So this timing is so critical, and cannot be so tenuously hanging on a particular sequence if there is supposed to be a convenience feature. The main issue is -- What happens when one forgets to manually save login? The point of a password helper is to help do this.
    4. 1Password needs the master password to perform any function, and I think this is often touted as a security feature. But many webpages ask for username/email in one step, and then upon verification move to a new page to request the password. 1Password asks for the master password for each of the steps and does not seem to remember that both pages are part of the same login session. 4. Of course, the often complained about issue that 1Password does not stay unlocked per browser session --- oh, I have tried many published options ---is becoming a headache.

    I am getting 'concerned' about these issues with 1Password because I fear that when I really need to login in, say some government page to retrieve critical documents, 1Password will mightily fail because I 'forgot' to actively save the login in 1Password, or some other glitch, did not realize it and then I am locked out.

    Your team should realize that the need for a trustworthy, fully functioning, and efficient passwords manager is the norm because almost every interaction on the web requires a login. You have earned the trustworthy label, but the rest are sorely lacking, compared to some of your leading competitors. A balance between strident security and dependable functionality has to come to 1Password.

  • ag_yaron
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    Hey @premanu ,
    Thanks for the additional details.

    What you are describing is definitely not the "norm" with our apps and extensions, which is why I asked you to provide some example websites in which you encounter such issues so I can test and investigate accordingly. Using the manual "Save Login" is a failsafe for when you actually do encounter a problematic website, but that shouldn't be your default workflow - 1Password X will be there in the vast majority of cases, suggesting saving, autofilling and even new strong passwords when needed.

    To answer your points directly:

    1. In order to manually trigger the save prompt, you need to right click the 1Password X extension icon on the top right corner of your browser's toolbar (where all extensions are), not inside the box of the username/password field. Then you will see the "Save Login" option.
    2. Please send us any and all websites where 1Password doesn't automatically show up inside the username/password field so we can test it and provide you with proper solutions. If it turns out 1Password doesn't recognize the fields there, we can definitely improve its behavior in the next update or so but as I mentioned - that is not a common occurrence.
    3. Nothing terrible happens if you forget to save a login. Just log out of the account you signed into, get back to the login page and enter your username/password again, then save it. If you sign up for a new website and generate a password with 1Password's generator, the new password will be saved in the generator history as a failsafe, so you can't lose it and therefor cannot lose access to the website.
    4. 1Password X, by default, will lock when; You don’t touch the computer for 10 minutes (idle time) / the computer locks up or goes to sleep / when you close the browser completely. The first two can be adjusted in 1Password X’s settings and are under your full control. 1Password does not lock up when you move from one webpage to the other (e.g. first username page then a 2nd password page) unless it has been over 10 minutes of inactivity between pages.

    I hope these points help clarify things better, and I do want you to report back on any and all websites you are having troubles with 1Password in so we can help you resolve it, so that you may enjoy a proper 1Password experience.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • mtheos
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    Having just come from LastPass myself to trial 1Password, a lot of this post resonates with me.

    For me, the most crucial feature is to ask me to save my login when I sign in (or sign up) with a new login for a site.

    The current method of having a popup when typing in your username/password is clunky, unintuitive, and more than once has had me save my username without the password (even the option to add the password in the modal would be better). It also (I assume, haven't tried) won't function well for websites that ask for username/password on separate pages.

    I think this is one feature that LastPass has absolutely nailed, with a modal that slides into the page when you successfully sign in and asks you if you want to add or update (if existing) the login for this site.

    I think 1Password has some great features itself and is pushing security more than competitors, but one thing I always see in tech (as a developer) is that if a product is harder to use than another, without justifying that difficulty, it just won't be.

  • Thanks for your feedback here, @mtheos. It's something we continue to think about and evaluate. On this note,

    It also (I assume, haven't tried) won't function well for websites that ask for username/password on separate pages.

    You can use the same "Save in 1Password" button across multiple pages and choose to update an item, rather than choosing to create a new one, which will accomplish saving the information from multiple pages.

  • chuckbilly
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    I'm exactly as all of you are. Just came from LastPass for trying 1P and I'm experiencing the same issues:
    A) 1P does not fill the login field automatically. I need to fill out by myself;
    B) 1P does not ask to save login/password for those cases that is a new (the first time I access the site) access/site
    samsung s9 plus
    Android 10

  • ag_yaron
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    Hey @chuckbilly ,

    Android is a completely different world and I suggest you write about it in the 1Password for Android category, where you'll get proper help :)

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