Migrating from Families to Teams - Questions Private Vaults.


Currently, myself and a few other family members use 1Password Families and have been pleased. However, several issues exist that I believe could be mitigated by Teams.

Private Vaults.

  • These are simply TOO confusing, especially for my aging mother. She saves entries, but they occasionally end up in her Private Vault and I cannot see it. As mentioned many times before on the forums, there needs to be a way to disable Private Vaults for members.

Private Vault Migration

  • I have searched but had no luck in finding the procedure for Private Vault migration to Teams...where do these vaults end up if the Family Organizer chooses to migrate to Teams?


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  • ag_joshuaag_joshua

    Team Member

    Hi @cruise2001! Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. :smile:

    In regards to the ability to disable Private vaults for team accounts, you certainly aren't the only customer to bring up this idea, and I've gone ahead and added your post here to our list of users who have made this request. While I can't make any promises about changes we'll make in the future, feedback like this can be really helpful for our engineering team in knowing what to prioritize as we move forward.

    In regards to Private vault migration, it sounds like you're wondering how this works when changing a family account over to a team account. If so, Private vaults for individual users stay essentially the same. Each family member becomes a standard team member after switching account types, and they all still have access to their Private vaults. :+1:

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • Hi, I would like to add my count to this feature request. I have a rarther young daugther and she also tends to put stuff in her private vault that then needs special attention by me to move it to the "right" vault.
    Is their an option to change at least the default vault to save new password on the mobile apps? I only found this feature in the Mac App and the browser extension.

  • ag_joshuaag_joshua

    Team Member

    Hi @thesmer!

    Thanks for chiming in here! From what you've described about your daughter, it sounds like she may benefit from being part of your account as a guest instead of as a full member, as this would limit her access to a single shared vault of your choice.

    Share with guests in 1Password Families

    If you already have a shared vault like this that she's set up to use, you could remove her account from the family (after making sure her Private vault was empty) and then re-invite her as a guest with access to that single vault. :smile:

    Is their an option to change at least the default vault to save new password on the mobile apps?

    There sure is!

    • In our iOS app: To change where Logins are saved, open 1Password, tap Settings > Vaults > All Vaults > Vault for Saving, and choose a vault.
    • In our Android app: To change where new items are saved, navigate to Settings > Vaults and tap “Vault for saving” and choose a vault.

    I hope this all helps, but I'll be here to assist if you have any other questions. :+1:

  • Hey thanks a lot, why did I not find it 🤔. And I will test the other option with the guest account as well.

  • john_mjohn_m

    Team Member

    Sure thing, @thesmer! Let us know if you have any other questions, and happy new year! :chuffed:

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