Login sync issues across multiple devices

Dear team,

First of all, thanks for your support and I wish you a great new year 2021 in advance!

I've been using 1Password for quite a long time, but I'm unable to figure out how the data sync happens across multiple devices/platforms.

  1. I update a login credential (LC) through 1Password Windows 10 app. It is not available even after few mins in the 1Password X browser extension. How quickly and when it will be auto-synced`?

  2. The updated LC is not available in my iOS and iPadOS devices, unless I manually open the password autofill option in the app settings.

  3. I create a new LC through my iOS device. How quickly and when it will be synced to other non-Apple devices automatically?

In general, could you please share the standard data sync time across different devices/platforms of 1Password apps?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback,

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  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    How are you syncing your data? You mentioned 1Password X, which requires a membership. Syncing should be fairly quick, almost instantaneous in my usage. Are you experiencing something different?

  • @ag_tommy

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I have 1Password membership and the sync was delayed, hence the thread.

    Adding to my point 2, assume I maintain a new LC through my PC. This is not always available when I access the website through my Apple devices. I have to open my 1Password app and sync the passwords. Then only the LC appears for iOS apps/websites. Why can't 1Password automatically sync the passwords in the backend and have it ready-to-use when an LC is created in a non-Apple devices?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    1Password should be syncing in the background. To speed the sync in those situations where it does not automatically happen, try changing vaults and back again. We have an issue filed where some users are experiencing delayed syncing. Hopefully, we can get this fixed up sooner rather than later. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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