Unable to log in to Wells Fargo

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Newb here. I had no problem setting up my first account (Charles Schwab) in 1Password on Windows 10/Chrome. Wells Fargo (my second account), though, is a fail. When I click on the password field, it gets populated by Chrome and 1Password says, "No items to show:"

If I delete one character from the populated password, 1Password allows me to save it, but, of course, it's the wrong password:


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    Hey @Involute ,

    When using 1Password, we strongly recommend you disable your browser's built-in password manager to avoid troubles and confusion such as what you're showing here. You can disable it like so: https://support.1password.com/disable-browser-password-manager/

    If Chrome still suggests or autofills things for you in websites, you might need to clear out all the saved passwords from Chrome, which can be done as follows:
    1. In Chrome, copy the following line and paste it into the address bar, then hit Enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
    2. Select the "Advanced" tab at the top of the popup that shows up.
    3. Remove the check marks from all the options there.
    4. Only check the following options: "Passwords and other sign in data" and "Autofill form data"
    5. Click on "Clear Data" on the bottom right.

    Please keep in mind that this will delete any and all passwords you have stored in Chrome, so if you have passwords you still need there, you'll want to get them before performing these steps. You can see all the passwords that are stored in your Chrome by pasting this line into Chrome's address bar: chrome://settings/passwords

    Once Chrome's autofill is disabled, when you get to Wells Fargo's website nothing will be automatically autofilled into the password field. You will then be able to type in your username and password manually and save it in 1Password as a new login :)

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