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I currently use an app called cheatsheet to quickly access less secure, frequently needed codes and passwords from my watch. The nice thing about this app is that you can add a complication to the watch face and then whenever I need a code I can just click the complication on my watch and it pops up.

Ideally i'd just like to use 1Password for storing all my data but I can't until the 1Password watch is improved with the following two features.

  • Add a complication for a quick access to items.
  • Ensure the watch app syncs all data (all fields) across to the watch for the few items that have been selected to sync.

Hope we see some improvements to the watch app in the near future (other than just unlocking 1Password on other devices).

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  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    @reck Thank you for the suggestions. I'll share them with the team. The watch can sync some item types and fields. You may already be familiar.

  • Hi @ag_tommy,

    Thanks for link but it just seems to confirms the current limitation with the watch app in that it can sync certain items but not neccasarilly all the data. Most of my items have fields that i've added over time and the watch app completely ignores these fields unlink the other 1Password applications which makes the whole thing useless.

    Hopefully the watch app can be updated in the near future so that all data for the items selected is synced over so we're not left with items where data is missing.


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Noted. :chuffed:

  • +1 for the watch complication. Just the ability to launch 1P from my watch face would be very convenient. I saw that there was a thread about this back in 2017--it's been almost 4 years and still no simple launcher/complication? Please consider adding this!

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    I'll pass it on to the team. :)

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#526

  • mannym122mannym122
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    When setting up the watch face, for example the Modular one, there are 3 icons at the bottom where you can choose what app to launch (otherwise known as complications). I would like to select 1Password for one of those icons so I can quickly launch the watchOS 1P app which gives me instant access to my OTPs.

    EDIT: Thanks!

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    Super. That's exactly how I described it.

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