Feature Request: Automated Reporting or API Access

The issue I'm trying to solve is that I have credentials that are shared but their use is rare and needs to be actively monitored. Given that the credentials aren't used that often logging into the portal just to see that nothing happened feels like a waste of time.

What would be ideal would be the ability to set up an email alert on a vault to see what credential was accessed by who and from where (geoIP, Device, etc ) or use an API to generate a Vault usage report that could then be added to our PowerBI Reports.

Barring that, I would settle for a way to have a usage report emailed to me on a recurring basis (say weekly).

Is something like this on the roadmap?


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    Hi @CaseyMoore! Welcome to the Support Community, and thanks for taking the time to reach out to us here with this request. :smile:

    I can confirm that you're not the only customer to request this kind of functionality for monitoring specific item usage, so I've logged the details you outlined here in an internal issue we have filed to keep up with customers who would like to see this. While I can't make any promises about the future, I can say that we take this kind of feedback very seriously.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can do to assist you! :+1:

    ref: internal/business-roadmap#49
    ref: dev/b5/b5#6961

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