Feature Request: Change Username and Delete Forum Account

[Deleted User]
[Deleted User]
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Please add functionality on the Edit Profile page (https://1password.community/profile/edit/username) to be able to:

1) Change our username
2) Delete our forum account on our own (this shouldn't be needed: https://1password.community/discussion/113246/delete-forum-account)

Thanks! :)

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  • Hi @jscarle

    I have some reservations about the former. I'm not totally opposed, but I can see it creating some problems, so I need to think on that. I agree it would be great if folks could delete their own accounts and so I'll reach out to our provider to see if there is a way we can enable that.



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User]
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    On that note, I'm trying to reduce the amount of accounts I have out there on the Internets, so could you please kindly do me the favor of deleting my forum account. Thank you!

  • Done :+1: If you change your mind and would like to participate again in the future please feel free to re-register.


  • Steve Calamia
    Steve Calamia
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    I too would like to change my user name. I don't recalling picking my name as my user name and I really don't want this floating around the internet, tied with my password anything...

  • @Steve Calamia

    Let me know what you prefer, and if available, I can change it for you because you used your full name. I'll also edit this post to remove your name after the change.

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