"Automatically lock 1password" turned off, still locks

I'd like to get my wife using 1Password, but she's used to Google where, after signing into Chrome, her password autofill works without typing in her password when she first opens the browser. 1Password appears to work differently - you must enter your master password every time you open the browser.

There is a setting in 1passwordX that says "Automatically lock 1password". If I turn that off, I'd expect 1Password to remain unlocked after I close the browser, come back 3 hours later, and open it again.

The closest workflow I can get to being similar to LastPass and Chrome password manager is to disable AutoLock and have her not ever, ever close her browser.

Can we have an option to more closely resemble the competitors so that she doesn't have to enter her master password every time she opens her browser?

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