1Password 4 uses one master password

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I've seen some users forget that they chose a different password for 1Password on their Mac than the one they chose for 1Password on their iOS device(s). This can often lead to confusion (and is why we changed this in 1Password 4 for iOS).

It's my understanding that the master password was previously tied to each iOS device or computer and was not synced, so that a user could use multiple master passwords if they desired. (I agree that this can lead to confusion.) How has this been changed in 4.x? Thanks.


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    [font=pill-gothic-600mg-1, pill-gothic-600mg-2,]The system we had in 1Password 3 where you can have a master password just for iOS devices while using a different one for your computers is no longer used.[/font]

    [font=pill-gothic-600mg-1, pill-gothic-600mg-2,]More often than not, it has confused many of our customers, and with a unified experience, it will be easier on everyone using 1Password everywhere.[/font]

    [font=pill-gothic-600mg-1, pill-gothic-600mg-2,]If you have 1Password on your computers, 1Password 4 will use the master password of that 1Password app on the computer and that’ll be the same master password everywhere. Note that if you change your master password in 1Password 4 for iOS, it’ll sync the change to your computers as well as other iOS devices.[/font]

    [font=pill-gothic-600mg-1, pill-gothic-600mg-2,]If you find it necessary to change your Master Password to something a little easier to type, we have an article that may help you find a great balance between memorable, convenient, and secure.[/font]

    [font=pill-gothic-600mg-1, pill-gothic-600mg-2,]Also, we do have a Quick Unlock Code feature to make it easier to use a 4-digit code after you initially unlock with your master password.[/font]

    [font=pill-gothic-600mg-1, pill-gothic-600mg-2,](via the 1Password 4 for iOS FAQ)[/font]
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