Team member unable to see every login in Marketing Vault

Hi - We've shared our marketing vault with a team member but she is unable to see one of the logins. She can see all the other logins in the marketing vault. She is using the Chrome extension on a Windows laptop. Can you help? Thanks, Tom, Whole Customer Media

1Password Version: 1.22.3
Extension Version: 1.22.3
OS Version: Windows 8
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:problem viewing a login


  • ag_joshuaag_joshua

    Team Member

    Hi @tom_wcm! Welcome to the Support Community. :smile:

    I'd be happy to assist your team member with looking into any issues with syncing that they're running into. Could you please have this member of your team reach out to us at [email protected] using the email address they use to sign into their 1Password account? Once we hear from them, we should be able to dive back in from there with looking into what might be causing this on a technical level. :+1:

    Feel free to also ask them to include a link to this post for reference, and we'll be sure to stay on the lookout for their message!

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