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While deployed I forgot my password for my 1password account. I no longer have access to that email. So I created another 1password account and tried to restore from my backups. Now I can't login on my mac. I just need to be able to read one item on my vault so I can recover my old email. I am an idiot. My 2FA was to my email and I used 1password to login to it. Idiot!!!

Whichever way is easier, I'd appreciate it.

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  • I even uninstalled the reinstalled the app on my Mac. It won’t give me the option the sign in.

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    Hi @donslowder! Welcome to the forum!

    It won’t give me the option the sign in.

    What do you see when you launch the 1Password app on your device? Can you post a screenshot that shows what you are seeing?

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    Thank you for the screenshot! You cannot add a new account to the app until you unlock the app with its current Master Password. If you forgot this password, and you would like to start over with an empty app so you can add your new account credentials to it, you can reset 1Password for Mac:

    How to reset the 1Password app on a specific device

  • I know the password and am able to login online. But cannot login on the app.

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    If you need to reset the current database so you can start anew from a clean slate on the Mac, follow these instructions.

    1. Open or bring 1Password to the front.

    2. Click on Help (at the very top of the screen to the right of the Apple icon) > Troubleshooting > Reset All 1Password Data. You will be asked to type in a code, and you need to copy it as is, hyphens included.

    3. Click on Delete Data and Start Over. * This only removes local data and doesn't affect your cloud data. 1Password will quit and disappear off your screen.

    4. Open 1Password again on your Mac, and there will be two choices - New to 1Password? Or Used 1Password before?

    • For memberships: Under 'Used 1Password before' select the option, sign in to your account. * If you see the option for signing into your old account, please use the section to sign into a different account.


    I would also encourage you to make a copy of your Emergency Kit and store it with other important papers you may have. I keep mine in a floor safe.

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