1PW autofill no longer working in Safari under Big Sur

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I have iCloud PW disabled for Safari and have been just using 1PW. But starting today for some reason, nothing happens when I click into login fields. There is a small 1PW icon to the right of the field but the "unlock 1Password" never shows up. Even if I unlock 1PW through either the app itself or the menubar extension (1PW mini), nothing happens in those fields. I have to paste from 1PW itself. Any ideas? I've restarted 1PW after quitting it entirely and restarted Safari as well.

A few sites with very basic login screens (eg, costco.com) work with 1PW. But here's The Daily Beast login. Clicking that icon for 1PW that shows up doesn't work.

TBH, while I love 1PW's not making me constantly use TouchID for each site when logging in, it does require a lot of clicking (1 to select Unock 1Password, then touch ID if not the active window, then the login from the popup, then clicking Submit). iCloud in contrast logs me in automatically once I've done TouchID and then selected the password from the popup. So at least one fewer click.

But regardless, any ideas? This is happening on a lot of sites but not all of them. Strange.

1Password Version: 7.7 (build #70700015)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 11.2
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @dtoub ,

    I'm testing the daily beast's website here and it seems to work correctly in Safari, but I am using the latest beta and not the stable version of 1Password so that might be why we experience different things.

    Can you please try restarting both Safari and 1Password like so:
    1. Right click the little 1Password icon on the top menu bar of your Mac (where the clock is) and select "Quit 1Password Completely".
    2. Quit your Safari by right clicking its icon in the Dock and selecting "Quit".
    3. Open and unlock 1Password.
    4. Open your Safari and test if it is working properly.

    In case 1Password still doesn't show up inside the fields on this website, then I definitely suggest you try our latest beta: https://support.1password.com/betas

    Thank you kindly for the feedback as well! We're working really hard to make 1Password as easy to use as possible, which is why we just brought this new inline menu that shows up automatically inside the username/password field when you visit a website :)

  • Thanks. As mentioned that was already done without success so I will try the beta and let you know.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Sounds good :+1:

  • Well, I updated to the beta build after a long hiatus from beta testing, and at least now it does show the dropdown to click for the password, but nothing gets filled in. I have v 6.0.4 of the troubleshooting app-might that be helpful? Thanks.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @dtoub ,
    Thanks for testing. We might need you to create a diagnostics report and send it over via email so we can investigate further, but before we do - did you test it with a new login item or are you testing only on your existing login items?

    For example, if you save a new login on this page: https://fill.dev/form/login-simple (you can use made up credentials), then refresh the page and try to autofill, does the issue still persists or are you able to autofill correctly?

  • It did work. So it seems that only some sites, depending on how they're coded, don't work on my end, thedailybeast.com being the main culprit but not the only one from my experience over the past few days. I have a quick screen video showing the issue but can't attach it here. Happy to share it via dropbox if that would be ok.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Feel free to send it to us at [email protected] with a short description and a link to this discussion :+1:

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