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When sending an invitation to a family member, the Join Now is asking for email, Secret key and Master Password. I assume this for the Family Account which gives them access to all the items in the Private vault. I'd like to create a separate vault for each family member and restrict their access to their assigned vault only. Can this be done? Is there a user's guide for setting up Families?


  • I found the setup pdf in the support site, however, I'm not sure if or how I can copy relative items from my Family Organizer Private vault to individual members. My thoughts are the Family Organizer Private vault is the master for all items within the family account. Please advise.

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    Each member of the family has their own Master Password and Secret Key. They set their individual Master Password during the invite process. Their Secret Key is generated, and they're asked to download their Emergency Kit during the setup. They should maintain this and store it securely.

    Each user or member has their own private vault. This is not shared between any members of the family. Instead, you would place any items to be shared in the "Shared folder". The items must remain in the shared vault for all individuals to have access. The shared vault is available to all members of the family account. Additional vaults can be created and shared amongst a select set of members if you need to only share items with specific individuals.

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