Is it possible to have the firefox plugin extension to override existing shortcuts?

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I want to change my open shortcut to CTRL+SHIFT+X so the shortcut is the same as on Chrome. That particular shortcut is used within firefox and I couldn't find a way to disable using 'about:config'. It seems that the 1password plugin doesn't override it when I set the shortcut. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+X will still do the default firefox shortcut instead of opening the 1password box.

It only works if I set the open shortcut to be some combination that is not in use, like CTRL+SHIRT+Q.

1password Version is 1.22.3. Firefox version is 84.0.2. I'm on Ubuntu so I rather stick with the extension over the standalone app.


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    Hey @cookiemonster1 ,

    Unfortunately browsers are very very strict when it comes to keyboard shortcuts and they do not allow extensions to override existing/taken shortcuts of the browser itself, which is why we ended up with two different shortcuts between Chrome and Firefox. There's nothing more we want than to have the same shortcut everywhere, but that is not possible I'm afraid.

    You can find your own shortcut that works in both, but it will take some trial and error to find one that works the same in both browsers.

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