Would it make sense if I transferred all my 2FA from authy to 1Password and securing with Yubikey?

Hi there. I would like to ask the above mentioned but I am not well versed with technology. I am thinking of simplifying my life by transferreing the 2FA codes from Authy to 1Password and securing 1Password with Yubikey.

Does this sound like a risky endeavour to put all the eggs in one basket? - Having 1Password to hold passwords and Authentication codes.

I am not sure how secure is Yubikey in prevent account takeovers but I wanted to ask if this idea is safe?

postscript. I am using macbook, iphone 10 and ipad pro (I am aware apple does not support yubikey for iPads)

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OS Version: OSX Catallina
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  • ag_matthewag_matthew 1Password Alumni

    Hello @bear67512,

    Lots of folks do use 1Password for managing one-time-passcodes - myself included - but many other people prefer to use a separate app. We can't really advise what is the right solution for you.

    ... securing 1Password with Yubikey

    Be aware that:

    • you can add a Yubikey to your 1Password account, but you'll still need to use a standard authenticator app too. (This is so you can sign into your account on devices which don't support U2F-compatible security keys)
    • when you enable 2FA on your 1Password account, use a separate authenticator app
    • 2FA on your 1Password account is only used when signing into your account for the first time, on 1Password for Mac and iOS. After the initial setup, you won't need the Yubikey.

    More information on this support page.

  • Hi there, thank you for your comments. Silly question, i understand that people do recommend buying two yubikeys. Can I ask does 1Password recognise two yubikeys (one for use) the other for backup?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    1Password does support use of 2 keys. Either should function when needed.

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