What data should I put in a vault?

What is a vault and what should I put in it?

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  • Great question! I'll be interested in the responses you get.

    I've been using 1Password for over a year and have yet to fully grasp its vast capabilities. I tend to "work my way" through things, adding something here, tightening something there, stashing something else over there. Eventually, one gets to a pretty good place where access to necessary and valuable resources is secure and the resources themselves gain protection against intrusion and loss.

    Since the biggies are time, money, and personal information. I'd advise securing access to your financial resources first, followed by making routine access to your online sites more efficient and convenient, and finishing up by hardening access to sites that contain confidential data you wouldn't want others to have. Other than the all-important Emergency Kit which MUST be secured as soon as your 1Password account is set up, you can (more or less safely) leave document storage and some of the more advanced uses of 1Password for future consideration and action. Good luck.

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    A vault, to me, is a collection of items used for a specific purpose or intent. For example, I have vaults containing personal data, work data, data between myself and each of my children, and a shared vault between all family members. All of your data resides in one vault or another. You might think of it in terms of a Personal vault is for you only, no one else has access. The Shared vault in Families is available to all members, each having an equal right to the data. You can also have vaults that are only useable by certain people. I maintain a vault for archive purposes that contains items I do not expect to use again but refuse to trash. It has come in handy on a few occasions.

    Some of the items I have heard mention of are:

    1. Door access codes, car.
    2. Lock combinations, door access, gym locker, safe, etc.
    3. Website logins and typical items.
    4. Notes on how to reset specific devices.
    5. Serial numbers for devices, phones, computers,
    6. Financial estate planning needs.
    7. Recipes.
    8. Car VIN and tag numbers.
    9. Pet medical records.
    10. Warranty information.
    11. Medical information for use during travel, such as vaccinations.
    12. Copies of your Driver's License and Passports.
    13. Specialized computer/device setup instructions.
    14. Pin or Access codes.

    The list goes on and on. You can genuinely make 1Password contain any data that you may think you'll ever need.

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