What can i do when i forgot my master password an have no access to my secret key?

No chance to open my 1Password-App. FaceID did not work. Master Password was wrong. ... No access. I need help.

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  • cannot remember master password..how can I open 1Password

  • danco
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    It's one of the security features of 1PW that you CANNOT do anything to recover if you have forgotten your master password. That can be a problem, as you have found, but any way of recovering from forgetting the password is a security risk. You just have to decide which worries you more and choose a password manager based on your decision.

    That said, there are some suggestions in a knowledge base article on ways of trying to think of the correct password (for instance, where did you use upper-case letters).

  • ag_tommy
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    @Heike @cfares

    I am sorry to hear about forgetting your Master Password. We here at 1Password never know your Master Password and can't "reset" it for you. We do have an excellent help topic for those individuals who have forgotten theirs. Please try these steps: https://support.1password.com/forgot-master-password/

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