Raiffeisen E-Banking for Android : Only the password is autofilled, not the username


I have successfully created a password entry for the Raiffeisen E-Banking App in 1password 7.7.2 on my Android Device (Samsung Galaxy S9).

Problem : On the login screen (see attached image), the password field is successfully autofilled with 1password, but not the username (labeled "Numéro de contrat").

How to reproduce : I have the following behaviour on the login screen

  • When I tap the username field (Numéro de contrat), 1password is not triggered.
  • When I tap the password field (Mot de passe personnel), 1 password is successfully triggerered offering a single password for this app to choose from. I press this single entry, but only the password is filled up, not the username.

In the 1password entry for App, both the username AND password are correctly saved.

The workaround is to manually copy paste the username from 1password to the Raiffeisen App, but it would be so great if 1password could fill up the username AND password ;)

For your information, in the settings, autofill and accessibility are ON

Many thanks for your help

Kind regards


1Password Version: 7.7.2
Extension Version: -
OS Version: Android 10 (January 2021)
Sync Type: Cloud (1 Password Families)


  • Hi,

    In 1Password 7.7.2 for Android, I have successfully recorded a login entry for the "Raiffeisen E-Banking Android App" login screen (See attached screenshot in french language). Both username and password have been successfully recorded.

    On the "Raiffeisen E-Banking Android App", when I tap the username field, nothing happen. When I tap the password field, 1Password is poping out with one entry to select from. When I press this entry, only the password is autofilled, not the username.

    The workaround is to open 1Password to copy / paste the username, but it would be so nice if 1password could autofill both the username AND password.

    In 1password settings, both autofill and accessibility are ON.

    Android version is up to date.

    Could you please let me know if the problem could be fixed in 1password ?

    Kind regards, Laurent

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @lri. Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately, 1Password has trouble with detecting numerical username fields, which is what's happening here. I'll share this with our development team.

    For now, I'd recommend using drag and drop to fill your username into this app.

  • Hi @peri, many thanks for your answer. I appreciate you will share this with your development team.
    As recommended, I will keep going dragging/dropping or copying my username into this app.

    Kind regards, Laurent

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

    Team Member

    @lri, on behalf of @peri, you're very welcome. Let us know if ever need anything else :)

  • Hi @ag-audrey, thanks very much. In case my request will be taken in account by the developers, will I be informed ? Is it possible to follow its resolution with a reference ?

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

    Team Member

    @lri, I can make a note to reach back out once our developers are able to investigate this app. We appreciate your patience with us during this time :)

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