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Hello, I purchased 1Password for iPad, I noticed that on the site 1Password fills only the username but not the password field, though it successfully creates a site profile in its database with username and password stored in (the fields txtUsername and txtPassword). I noticed that the same thing happens also on OS X version I'm about to buy.
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    Hi @auua,

    This is because the site auto-clears the password field as soon as you enter it. Try this, enter some random text in the password field, shift+tab back to the username, enter a fake one, and then tab to the password field. You'll notice the password field automatically clears.

    That's what's going on with 1Password, it did fill in both fields correctly but because the focus went into the field, the site's code ran and clears the password. There isn't a way around this unless they remove it. You should contact the website and ask if they could remove it since it doesn't really help customers to auto-clear it.

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