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  • @MONKi1P I use my own domain for shopping, home admin and other emails I want to keep. So I can quickly and painlessly move to another provider. I use ProtonMail where I wish to hide my identity and/or don't need to keep a record of the emails. So I don't care so much about their longevity.

    Sorry if I'm being a bit slow. Are you proposing to use LastPass Authenticator to store all your 2FA tokens, including the one for the LastPass account, but store the LastPass token by scanning a Google Authenticator QR code? Or to have a separate Google Authenticator app just to store the LastPass account 2FA token?

    In either case, what happens when you lose the phone with the authenticator app? How do you sign-in to LastPass to retrieve your 2FA backup? To avoid getting locked out you would need to save the manual entry 2FA secret and/or print out the LastPass Grid. Where would you store these?

    Even to me with my two password manager, this feels unnecessarily complicated. Authy's security model is clear and simple, and the user aspects are well documented. The same is not true of LastPass with its various recovery methods and 2FA options. I prefer to keep things simple: it reduces the attack surface, reduces the chance of lock-out and reduces the stress for your trusted others in the event you're unavailable.

  • @MONKi1P Have you looked at Yubico Authenticator? If you have a spare slot on your YubiKeys then you can use it to store up to around 32 TOTP tokens. Access is password protected and you can save the same credentials to multiple YubiKeys. Its not as convenient as sync'ing them across devices using Authy or 1Password, but its arguably more secure. Perhaps you could just use it for your 1Password 2FA token and a few others that warrant additional protection.

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    I wanted to thank you for all the suggestions here @missingbits, really appreciated :+1:

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    @ag_ana It's a pleasure. Glad to help :+1:

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